National Ag Day | Celebrating American Farmers

On Ag Day, we honor and celebrate American farmers, farmworkers, ranchers, fishers, foresters and other agricultural workers who feed, clothe and fuel our nation. America’s farmers and farm families have set formidable standards in what it means to be dedicated, work hard, and provide for a community.

The sentiment of Ag Day is that farmers do not stand alone in their dedication to provide. We are deeply invested in the success of our rural communities, particularly through the agriculture partnerships we’ve forged to support farms and farmers throughout the Tompkins footprint. Though Ag Day provides the perfect occasion to celebrate all we’ve done together so far, it also presents an opportunity to think forward in how we can cultivate an even stronger sense of financial wellness in the regions that we serve.

Our commitment to personalized service paired with our local roots enables us to provide farmers with both neighborly insight and financial expertise. Some of our agricultural lenders even grew up in farming families or currently own farms—and because their farming knowledge runs as deep as their financial savvy, they’re uniquely equipped to serve as a one-of-a-kind advisor.

As society becomes more and more removed from the farms that sustain it, we also take pride in acting as the intermediary between farmers and the financial world. In order to best support our agricultural professionals, we make it priority to offer advice on managing risk, rising interest rates, setting financial goals, utilizing banking tools, and preparing for seamless transitions. We strive to keep our farming communities apprised of the latest economic need-to-knows to ensure that their farm operations continue to run without a hitch.

For countless decades, farmers have been on the frontlines of fueling our society’s future. On Ag Day, it’s our turn to consider how we can continue to grow as an agricultural partner, as we all strive toward innovating for a better tomorrow.

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