Fraud Protection For Your Business

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As a community bank, we’re dedicated to supporting businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to providing loan programs, we can help businesses hold on to the resources they have through services that help prevent fraud.  This is especially important now, when companies are operating with reduced staff, many of whom are working remotely. It’s a time when businesses are especially vulnerable to fraud. In fact, industry experts predict there will be an “explosion” of business and consumer fraud in the coming years.

Protecting Your Business

Positive Pay is a cash management service designed to guard against mailbox theft, check copying, and other scams. This product is especially appropriate for companies that issue a large volume of checks and/or third party ACH Debit transactions. It works by allowing businesses to monitor checks and ACH debits processed for payment against their account and reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur.

Positive Pay:

  • Reduces the risk of financial loss
  • Helps to solidify internal controls and audit trails
  • Allows the customer to keep their existing account in place if compromised and minimizes the disruption to the business operations
  • Includes an optional add on called Payee Positive Pay, which identifies the accuracy of the payee name and stops checks that have an altered name.

We are with you every step of the way

Our Cash Management Team provides support throughout the entire sales and onboarding experience, including explaining the payment process, helping select the right services, setting them up, training staff and being accessible to respond to questions.

Customers who have used Positive Pay say it gives them greater peace of mind knowing they’re protected.  And peace of mind is something businesses definitely deserve in this difficult time.

We are all in this together and my team and I are here to help.  To learn more about Positive Pay, please feel free to reach out to me via email at or contact me via phone 610-603-7268.  

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